Our team is so important and we accomplish a lot together. Consider joining us in spirit, or on a journey.

Our Team ON-SITE

Livingston Pope: Founder - Sponsor - fundraiser - Security - Gardener - Visionary- shepherd - - - - -

-was raised in south Texas and attended St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin. He graduated high school in 1964, attended Texas A & I in Kingsville in 1965-1966 and attended Memphis State University. From 1966-1970 he served his country in the United States Marine Corps in two tours of Vietnam.

Gabriel : Executive Director - Sponsor - fundraiser - Security - IT - Chiefof        engineering management - shepherd - interpreter - - - - -

-is a German dance instructor, musician, electronic technician at automatization and 'all-rounder' from the South of Germany. In 2011 Gabriel's passion for educational work and his ability to inspire others and to get things moving led him to Nicaragua and the kids of Una Escuelita. Gabriel is the school's international contact person for Europe and in charge of the school's administration on-site in Nicaragua. Furthermore he is responsible for the collaboration with private sponsors as well as organizations in Germany and european volunteers who stay with the school up to 12 month.

Maria: On-Site 3*Chef- head of homecare - Volunteer Teacher - Village-Interface - shepherd - - - -

-is a local "turbo-woman" who met the school in 2008. Maria worked as a cook @ Una Escuelita almost since its opening. When financial conditions of the school worsened, she decided to support Una Escuelita every day as a volunteer teacher. Maria is the omniscient of UA :o)


Adriana: Junior Teacher - Kids Animator

Adriana is a former student of Una Escuelita. With her, the first generation of students is now giving back to the school! She works every day for 3 hours with our kids, in return the school helps her with her expenses to study in town.


Emma B.: German Volunteer - teacher assistent - shepherd - "deticker" (gets 1000s of ticks off the watchdogs:)- gardener - assistent           domestic care

-is a young volunteer from the south of germany. Emma joined the team on-site in August 2015 and will be with the school for 12 month. Emma helps wherever needed.


Our Team in the US

John G. Serpico, US: Legal and financial affairs - accounts department -

-is an attorney with his own law practice in Brooklyn, New York (Serpico, Serpico & Siddiqui, PC). The practice focuses on estate planning, real estate and corporate law. John is the Board Secretary who maintains the organization's legal and financial affairs. John presently lives in both New York City and Amagansett.

Erica Broberg

Scott W. Smith

Our friends and mayor succor

Karinda Love Boone

Louise Moore

Valmira Mavraj

Natalie Camerino